Built By Barry Logo

BBB - Built By Barry, Northern Ireland.

BBB - Landscaping


We can create spectacular landscapes or maintain existing buildings and gardens.

BBB - General construction

General Construction

We carry out general construction work from start to finish. Starting with a detailed design and ending with quality control. Make your dream a reality!

BBB - Driveways


We can create the perfect driveway to suit your property.

BBB - Equine Structures

Equine Structures

We design and build high quality Equine structures including jumps, stable doors and fencing. Our experience is built over years of working around horses and livery yards.

BBB - Fencing


We can create fencing from scrach or replace existing fencing. Numerous fencing types covered.

BBB - Tiling


We pride ourselves with attention to detail. We can create amazing tiling effects in your kitchen or bathroom.

BBB - Personalised Pieces

Personalised Pieces

Add a personal touch to your home. Idea for gifts. We design and build all custom projects.

BBB - Drainage


External drainage fitting to garages and out houses. Quick and efficient work to get rid of that water.

BBB - Pathways


Elegent pathways to suit your property. Creation from scratch or repairs to existing pathways.

BBB - Equipment Hire

Access To Equipment

We have access to various types of equipment so no job is too big for us to handle.

BBB - Gardening Services


We can turn your garden into something to be proud of. Design, build and maintenance options.